Privacy Policy

This website is run by two linked organisations: the Dean and Chapter of Westminster Abbey and Westmonisterium Trust (which carries out fundraising on behalf of the Abbey). When we say ‘Westminster Abbey’ or ‘the Abbey’ we mean both organisations acting together.


When you complete a form on this website, make ticket purchases, donations or contact the Abbey in other ways you provide us with a limited amount of information in order to help us respond appropriately.


The Abbey looks after the information it holds about you, and respects your privacy. We take appropriate security precautions to prevent your information being lost or falling into the wrong hands.


We make sure that the information we hold is as accurate as possible; we do not hold more information than we need; and we do not hold it longer than we need to.


In some cases we pass your data to external services in order to process your transactions on our behalf. Apart from that we do not give your data to anyone else without your permission, unless we believe it is the only way to prevent harm to you or other people. If we do disclose information without your permission, this is authorised by a senior member of staff, and we will explain our reason to you at the earliest opportunity.


In addition to using your information in order to respond to you, in many cases we would like to keep your contact details so that we can tell you about activities at the Abbey you may be interested in or ways that you can support our work.


Normally we make this clear on any forms you might complete, and give you the option to say that you would prefer us not to contact you, or to contact you only in particular ways. If at any time you want to reduce the amount of information we send you or change your preferences, just contact us by email, phone or letter.




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